Achieving A Younger Looking Smile With Anti-Aging Dentistry

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Cheerful female models smiling at camera on white background anti aging dentistry.jpegWe don’t just wake up one day – look in the mirror and think we look older – but sometimes it feels that way. People may begin to treat you as if you are older than you are. Could it be your smile?


A day doesn’t go by that we aren’t bombarded with anti-aging products. Everything from appliances to reduce cellulite to products that claim to take away wrinkles. Did you know that one of the things that make a person look older is their smile? Anti-aging dentistry can make you look ten years younger than you are. 

Changes in our teeth as we age – and how to fix them

Friends hanging out anti aging dentistry smiling smiles.jpegOne of the best compliments you can get is about your great smile. As we age, our smiles change. This is partly due to our faces looking slimmer, sagging – and wrinkles. When the size, depth or shape of your teeth are changed by using crowns, veneers, implants or even just whitening – people will notice.

The condition of our teeth is very obvious to others. Our teeth tell the story of how long we have been living. They have been with us from the beginning - and our smile is part of our physical makeup and our personalities. We don’t have to be content with the look of our smile.

Anti-aging dentistry is a relatively new concept – one that used to be thought of only for the rich and famous. New techniques and procedures are now the mainstream of how we view dentistry. These procedures can make dramatic changes to how we look and can fix many types of problems that add to how old we look.

  • Discolored teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Worn or chipped teeth

Teeth whitening. A simple fact is that our teeth become stained and discolored as we get older. This is a natural process due to the food we eat and the beverages we drink. Sometimes others gauge our age by the color of our teeth. Teeth whitening is the easiest anti-aging dental procedure. Whitening makes the most dramatic change in the look of your smile of any of the anti-aging dental procedures and it is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world.

dental-teeth-whitening-smiling-woman.jpgTeeth whitening can be done at home or in the office. For home whitening- you will have impressions of your teeth made which will then be made into trays that will fit snugly over your teeth. You will be given whitening gel to place into the trays before applying them to your teeth. This is an easy way for you to achieve white teeth in the privacy of your own home.

If you want immediate results – in-office teeth whitening may be the option you choose. Your dentist will use a higher concentration of bleaching gel that will give you visibly whiter teeth immediately.

Crooked teeth. If you’ve been struggling with crooked teeth all of your life but haven’t wanted the hassle of traditional braces, talk to your dentist about Invisalign clear braces. They can make your teeth straight and help you look younger. They are removable and hardly noticeable by those around you.

Missing teeth. Missing teeth not only can make you look older but also can be harmful to your health. One or more missing teeth can result in jawbone loss and give you a sunken appearance. An implant can easily take care of this problem and restore your teeth to enable you to eat and speak without worry. Implants are permanent and can be cared for just as you would your natural teeth.

Worn or chipped teeth. The longer we live – the more wear and tear our teeth will undergo. Many people have worn and/or chipped teeth and have put off having them fixed. You’re never too old to feel and look your best, and you needn’t put off having them fixed any longer. As we age, our teeth naturally become worn from years of chewing. Veneers could be the answer to these issues. Changing the size of your teeth can bring back the look of plumper cheeks and can even out some of your wrinkles by filling out your lip area.  

Don’t let your age deny you of living your life to its fullest. Make an appointment with your dentist to learn more about what is offered with anti-aging dentistry. Regardless of your age – you deserve to have a smile that you will want to freely share. 

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