Cosmetic Dentistry And The Elements Of Smile Design

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Woman giving a face massager to herself - isolated over white.jpegIf you are not confident in your smile, you should think consulting your dentist for smile design. This process has become popular in the field of cosmetic dentistry because it ensures optimal success during dental treatment for aesthetic enhancement. Often, smile design is used as a term which is synonymous with smile makeover or cosmetic dentistry. However, this procedure refers to the steps taken before the actual treatment and modification of the dental structures begin. The design will ensure that the dentist is well-prepared and knows what to expect during the procedure.

What is Smile Design?

Smiling pretty blonde at beach after smile design cosmetic dentistry.jpegSmile design refers to the process of planning and visualizing the changes desired to create the ideal smile in an individual. In simple terms, this is the procedure through which the dentist designs and pre-visualizes the end result of a cosmetic dental treatment plan. At the end of the designing process, the smile will be projected, allowing the doctor to see the expected outcome before performing rge dental procedures. The goal of smile design is to create a harmonious effect between the teeth, gums, face and other related structures. If these features are in sync, the smile created through aesthetic dentistry will be exceptional.


Considerations for Smile Design

smile design face cosmetic dentistry smile makeover.pngThere are certain rules and factors that must be considered during the process of smile design. In simple terms, the dentist or dental technician will not design your smile based on their personal preferences. Therefore, you should not be concerned about the possibility of modifications that are not suitable for your look. The design process is complex and it is conducted using specialty digital tools. The objective is to use these established rules to create a custom look that matches each individual. Here are the most important factors considered during smile design.



Smile design is intended to improve the aesthetics of the patient’s oral area. However, the design always takes into account the functionality of your teeth, jaws, lips and gums. Under no circumstances will your dentist make a choice where visual appeal overrides practical function.


Patient Preferences

Your dentist will ask for your opinion during the smile design process. Your personal preference is important because it will help the expert understand your goals. Moreover, if you have contributed to the creation of the smile, you will be more confident in your new look.



dentist cosmetic dentistry smile design smile makeover.jpgWhen designing a smile, the dentist or technician must evaluate the feasibility of the smile. In other words, they must consider whether the design can be created conveniently and with ease. These experts have different tools to demonstrate or project the smile in order to judge its feasibility. In computer-assisted design, the technician can give you a preview of the smile using their specialty design software. They will even give you copies to aid your decision.


Elements of Smile Design

There are different elements that the dental expert will consider during smile design. This evaluation ensures that the face and the new smile are in harmony. These elements include:

  • Teeth color, size and general
  • Appearance of the gums
  • Shape of the lips and their mobility and fullness
  • Shape of the face
  • Age and the condition of facial tissues
  • Skin tone


Treatment Options 

After the dentist understands the current condition of your teeth and projects an appropriate design that matches your requirements, your options will be presented. In simple terms, the doctor will present the procedures which can help you achieve your perfect smile. There are multiple cosmetic treatment options to consider including:

  • The use of porcelain veneers for discolored and chipped teeth.
  • Teeth whitening for discolored teeth.
  • Contouring for reshaping purposes long, short and uneven teeth.
  • Invisalign and Clear Correct for misalignment.
  • Teeth bonding for dealing with discolored, chipped and cracked teeth.

For well-rounded results, you can choose multiple procedures for a complete smile makeover.


Your smile can affect your self-esteem as well as people’s attitudes toward you. A beautiful smile will boost your self-assurance and help you form stronger relationships with colleagues and friends. If you are not confident in your smile, consult your cosmetic dentist for smile design.

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