Cosmetic Makeovers Should Start With Your Smile

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Full length portrait of a smiling pretty woman in trendy white dress posing on gray background.jpegThe best beauty tip that you could ever be given is to work on your smile. You can consider cosmetic dentistry as part of your cosmetic makeover. Typically, makeovers work on enhancing your beauty by giving you a changed and radiant appearance. When most people think of a cosmetic makeover they associate it with a change in hairstyle or cosmetic surgery in their face or body. Many don’t factor in that cosmetic makeovers should start with your smile. The power of a smile can captivate people and turn heads your direction.

You can consult with a cosmetic dentist who can evaluate your smile and then create the perfect smile design for your makeover. A cosmetic dentist can improve your smile with the use of different cosmetic dentistry treatments such as preventive or restorative. Here are important factors you need to know about smile design for your cosmetic makeover:


Color And Size Of Teeth

People have different types of teeth ranging from the teeth color to the size of the tooth. Your teeth can be relatively large or small in size compared to others. While some people have perfectly colored teeth, others are suffering from tooth discoloration. The teeth are supposed to be sparkling white. When you are suffering from a discolored tooth, your cosmetic dentist can recommend teeth whitening.


Appearance of the Gum

Gingivitis and Periodontitis can cause havoc to your gums. If you are suffering from this, it most likely will affect your smile. The appearance of a healthy gum will help improve your smile.


Shape of the Lips

Your teeth can change the shape of your lips. A poorly shaped jaw or unsuitably positioned teeth can affect the way the lips look. Missing teeth can cause your face to sink in and protrude your lips in certain angles. A cosmetic dentist can evaluate your face structure and determine your best lip look.


Shape of the Face

As we age our face structure can change by the loss of collagen or teeth structure. The appearance of the face is an important consideration in the design and makeover of the smile. There are dental procedures that are designed to improve the facial features and tissues for a more harmonious balance. Many don’t consider that our teeth play an important factor in the shape of our face. Once we start losing teeth or our teeth begin to move it can affect our facial features. Cosmetic dentistry can correct tooth misalignment and crowding enhancing the shape of our face.


Anti-Aging Treatments

Age should not be a barrier to looking youthful. Anti-aging cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile as the older years wear your teeth down. There are now many anti-aging dentistry options your cosmetic dentist can recommend such as the All On 4 Dental Implants or Veneers instead of traditional dentures.


Your smile can do wonders when considering your makeover. The first step is to achieve a beautiful and captivating smile. Contact your local cosmetic dentist and discuss what smile design can do for you. A new made over look is as easy as smiling.

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