Let's Face It, Anti Aging Dentistry Can Save Your Smile!

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middle aged woman smiling downey dental .jpgAs one advances in age, the original appeal of the face declines. This process can cause the loss of self-esteem and general confidence in personal and work interactions. While aging is an unavoidable part of the cycle of life, you do not have to deal with the accompanying esthetic issues. In simple terms, you can choose to have anti-aging dental procedures performed to restore your youthful look. These cosmetic processes aim to initiate rejuvenation without facial tissue surgery or modification.

middle aged woman smiling sitting at dentist chair anti aging dentistry smile makeover design.jpgAnti-aging dentistry can be defined as a group of dental procedures that are designed to build-up a healthy mouth for the purpose of cosmetic enhancement. When a person starts to age, the skin starts to lose the original fullness and elasticity. If the structure of the teeth and supporting jawbone is not ideal, the facial tissues around the lower third face will start to collapse. Over time, the skin starts to get wrinkles and to sag, creating a hollowed out appearance.

In addition to facial structure degradation, there are other problems that come with aging. Often, the teeth will wear down and become shorter, cavities and loose teeth might occur, necessitating extraction. Discoloration and staining is also not uncommon, and it can lower dental appearance significantly. All these factors can contribute to the loss of a beautiful smile, and the face will become rounded and shorter.


How Anti-Aging Dentistry Can Help

Conventional cosmetic dentistry works by altering the external facial features using dermal fillers and surgical techniques to improve fullness and reduce signs of facial collapse. On the other hand, anti-aging dentistry works on the internal oral structures to improve the support of the facial skin, lips and cheeks. As a result, facial collapse is prevented. In addition, the procedures are designed to improve the general appearance of teeth for a beautiful smile and facial harmony.


Dental Procedures for a More Youthful Face

Dental Implants

implants dental care smile cosmetic makeover anti aging dentistry.jpgDental implants are critical in anti-aging dentistry. These dental devices can resolve most problems associated with facial collapse, hollowed cheeks, wrinkling and facial hollowing. In general, dental implants are designed to replace missing or extracted teeth. The product, which consists of a titanium post, acts as a tooth root. This is inserted into the jaw and allowed to integrate with the jawbone. Once healing occurs, a crown or bridge can be placed.

In the past, missing or worn-out teeth could only be replaced using dentures. Unfortunately, these devices do not provide bone support, so the jaw begins to shrink due to the use of the prosthetic. This degradation accelerates facial collapse. With dental implants, the bone structure will be retained and strengthened. Moreover, dental implants are permanent, easier to maintain and more comfortable when eating and talking than dentures.


Veneers and Teeth Bonding

If you have noticed discoloration due to aging, you should consider requesting for dental bonding or veneers as part of your anti-aging dental procedures. These processes are valuable if you have tried teeth whitening techniques without success. Dental veneers are layers of porcelain which conceal the stained teeth for a more appealing look. Dental bonding uses tooth-colored resin to cover the teeth and then a curing light is used to ensure durability.

Tooth Structure Improvement

Aging often comes with tooth structure problems. These issues should be treated to improve general appeal and to further ensure optimal support of the facial tissues. If you have misaligned teeth, you should inquire about using clear aligners or Invisalign for restoration. Long, marred and pointy teeth can be contoured for maximum appeal. Crowns can be lengthened by reducing overgrown gum tissues. If you are experiencing gum recession, you should look into regeneration.


Finally, you should inquire about smile design from your dentist. Smile design is the process through which your dental expert plans for the improvement of your smile through systematic analysis. By evaluating or the elements of you smile, the dentist can create an action plan to ensure the best esthetics. If you are interested in anti-aging dentistry, consult your local dentist for examination, diagnosis and resolution.

Find out what Anti-Aging Dentistry can do for you!


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