The Benefits Of All-On-4 Dental Implants

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PDM_Hispanic-Couple-Sits-on-Front-Porch.jpgAn attractive, youthful appearance is dependent on factors like skin and hair, but a full set of teeth is also imperative. Missing or stained teeth quickly diminish any other efforts to put your best face forward. More importantly, missing teeth affect both oral and overall health. All on 4 dental implants solve this problem so you can smile with confidence.


Tooth Loss

AllOn4-Dental-Implants-Black-Couple-Smiling.jpgAn injury might result in the loss of a few teeth, but gum disease is the primary culprit and the condition that requires the most attention. Regular oral hygiene – flossing daily and brushing twice daily – can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. However, crooked teeth can be difficult to clean, and even with regular professional cleanings, decay may develop and progress. Pool oral hygiene combined with habits like tobacco or excessive alcohol use and poor nutrition affect the entire mouth and are most likely to result in serious gum disease, decay and tooth loss. Chronic diseases like diabetes may also play a role, as they affect the immune system and can increase the risk of bacterial overgrowth in the mouth.


Effects of Tooth Loss

asian-woman-smile-dental-implants-allon4.jpegWhen you lose multiple teeth, it affects your health and your appearance. Open sockets from missing teeth trap debris and food particles, increasing the risk of decay in adjoining teeth. Your teeth often begin to shift into the open spaces and chewing can become more difficult. Your jawbone becomes less healthy, as the stimulation of chewing helps keep the bone strong. As time goes by, the jawbone shrinks; the cheeks begin to pull inward, leading to a sunken look. The gums can recede, which means your lips and cheeks lose support, making facial wrinkles worse and causing the face to look much older.


Solutions to the Problem of Tooth Loss

older-caucasian-couple-allon4-dental-implants.jpgThere are two solutions to the loss of multiple teeth. Traditional dentures have been around for hundreds of years. Disadvantages – they often look artificial, they may be hard to keep in place or cause sore spots, can affect your speech and don't promote healthy bone in the jaw. Chewing with dentures does not stimulate the jawbone. Dental implants such as the All on 4 solve all these problems. The All on 4 system allows for the replacement of multiple teeth (even full mouth restoration). Since the implants are embedded in the jaw, your jawbone stays healthy and the appearance is very natural. Having All on 4 implants is like getting your natural teeth back.


How Do All on 4 Implants Work?

all-on-four-implants-dental-allon4.jpgDental implants consists of three pieces: the implant or post, a top piece called an abutment, and a prosthetic tooth attached to the abutment. The implant is screwed or tapped into the jaw; since it's made of titanium, the metal will bond with the jawbone, creating a strong attachment. Once the implant has healed, the prosthetic tooth is permanently attached. When implants were first developed, dentists had to replace one tooth at a time – not practical for multiple or complete tooth loss. All on 4 is a unique system that consists of four posts. These can be placed into the upper or lower jawbone and a full plate that includes all the missing teeth is then attached to the implant.


Benefits of the All on 4 Implant

dentures.jpgAll on 4 implants solve all of the problems associated with tooth loss. The jawbone stays strong and healthy. Your lips and cheeks are properly supported, reversing the sunken look and often smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth. Your face should look normal for your age rather than older. All on 4 can also resolve cosmetic problems like stained, chipped, cracked or crooked teeth. Unlike dentures, the All on 4 does not require special cleaning and cannot break if dropped. Caring for All on 4 implants is just like caring for natural teeth and there are no dietary restrictions. The implants are permanent.


All on 4 implants can help you have a natural, attractive smile again. If you've lost multiple teeth, this could be the solution you're looking for. Contact your cosmetic dentist today to learn more about the benefits of All on 4 implants.

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