The Power Of A Smile! What You Need To Know About A Smile Makeover

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Beautiful woman portrait looking suprised - isolated over white.jpegSmile makeover is the cosmetic process designed to improve one’s smile, and it involves one or multiple dental procedures. In general, human beings place great value in a beautiful smile because it is a powerful social tool. This facial feature allows you to convey positive impressions to family and to build good relationships at the workplace. In addition, smiling can improve your overall health and quality of life. Simply speaking, it can improve the physical condition of your body and immune system. The subtle act promotes the release of endorphins, serotonin and pain killing hormones. The smile also can help in stress relief, coping with depression and lowering blood pressure.

Cute couple sitting in cafe looking at smartphone on a sunny day.jpegUnfortunately, it is difficult to smile with genuine pleasure when you are worried about the appearance of your smile. Therefore, if you are struggling with confidence and are self-conscious about your smile, you should consider getting a smile makeover. This dental treatment will provide significant results and benefits, allowing you to gain more self-confidence.

Smile Improvement Evaluation

Portrait of woman applying foundation makeup on her face.jpegThere is no treatment plan which can match the needs of all patients who need a makeover. Every person’s facial features and dental structures are different. Therefore, when you are ready for your smile improvement, your dentist must consider multiple factors before proceeding. Typically, the aspects taken into account include your teeth condition, status of the gum tissue, lips, skin tone and general appearance of the face. The makeover treatment plan will be customized while evaluating these unique elements. During your consultation, you can discuss your goals and current problems with your dentist for the best results.


Understanding the Common Smile Remedies

There are multiple aesthetic dental problems which can be improved through a makeover and cosmetic dentistry. Below are the different aspects which can be treated to make a beautiful smile and the common remedies used by dental experts.


Discolored Teeth

Teeth can lose their natural brilliance due to multiple problems, and this will affect the quality of your smile. The common causes of teeth discoloration include eating habits, oral care and aging. In other cases, exposure to certain chemicals or medicine can change the appearance of the teeth. During a smile makeover, the dentist will use dental veneers, crowns, whitening processes or dental bonding to give your teeth a more appealing look.



Poor alignment of teeth is a common problem. Some cases are mild and do not require cosmetic dental makeover. However, if your teeth are not in the right place and your smile is compromised, consider seeking alignment treatment. The dentist can use clear aligners such as Invisalign and Clear Correct for malocclusion treatment. Porcelain veneers can also be used to resolve some small cases or misalignment.


Missing Teeth

Teeth can go missing due to dental diseases such as cavities and periodontal diseases. Also, people lose their teeth through accidents that result in mechanical impact around the mouth. Missing teeth will be a hindrance to a beautiful smile. If you have this problem, the dentist can use different restorative options, including dental implants and bridges.


Cracked Teeth

Often, people sustain damage to the teeth without any functional problems. For example, your teeth can get cracked or chipped due to eating something hard. While the damage might be superficial, the appearance of your smile will be compromised. Fortunately, this issue can be treated with ease by using porcelain veneers or dental bonding techniques.


Teeth Length and Proportions

As a person ages, the teeth start to wear away due to usage and stress. This degradation results in the dental structures becoming shorter and unattractive. A smile makeover can allow you to restore their appeal through composite bonding or the use of porcelain veneers. Additionally, if your teeth lack balance for a beautiful smile, they can be reshaped to ensure optimal proportion and appeal.


Your smile is an indispensable tool in your personal and professional life. It will not only draw people closer to you; it will help you cultivate a positive outlook on life. If you have reservations about the appearance of your smile, consult your cosmetic dentist for evaluation and a smile makeover. 

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