What You Need To Know About Smile Design

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photo smile design woman cosmetic dentistry.jpgThe smile is an important element of facial appeal, and valued in society. Smiles allow people to express a range of emotion, depending on the movement, structure and appearance of the lips and teeth. This aspect can determine an individual’s ability to function smoothly within personal and professional environments. Lack of confidence in smile aesthetics can cause low self-esteem and distress.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your smile, you should consider consulting a cosmetic dentist for smile design. This process takes a systematic and organized approach to evaluate and resolve problems related to the esthetics of a smile. The objective behind the design procedure is to achieve a pleasing smile by understanding the various esthetic elements of a smile and arranging them to create a beautiful and harmonious composition.

If you are thinking about choosing smile design to improve your facial appeal, consider this short discussion on the different elements of a beautiful smile and the cosmetic procedures that are used to enhance them.

Teeth Shape, Color and Arrangement

peeling phot layer for smile design of teeth cosmetic dentist.jpgThe teeth are important components in the design of a smile. Your cosmetic dentist will evaluate the status of the teeth when planning for a smile makeover. The shape of the teeth is a common problem for most people. If you have jagged, pointed, rough or marred teeth, you can have them contoured to create a more appealing look. The goal is to ensure a favorable tooth shape without compromising the dental structural integrity.

invisalign smile woman cosmetic dentistry.jpgMalocclusion or the misalignment of teeth is also a common problem that affects the quality of a smile. If you have this problem, the dentist might recommend Invisalign or clear aligners to straighten them out for optimal esthetics. Teeth whitening might be necessary if the teeth are stained or discolored. If the stains are internal and cannot be improved through whitening, the discoloration can be concealed through dental bonding or veneers.


Gum Appearance

If the appearance of the gums is not ideal, there will be no harmony in the smile. Therefore, your cosmetic dentist will evaluate the condition of the gums during smile design, particularly if you have been affected by periodontal disease in the past. If your gums are in a poor state, there are different dental procedures that can be used to resolve the problem. The most popular techniques include pocket reduction, crown lengthening and regeneration.

Pocket reduction is also known as the gingival flap surgery. During this procedure, the dentist treats loose gums that have been affected by gum disease. Typically, the gum flap will be folded back and the bacteria beneath cleaned to restore natural growth. If the gums are too long, the teeth crowns will appear short. Crown lengthening will improve aesthetics through removal of excess gum. Finally, if the gums are receded, regeneration can be used restore a normal look.


Facial Appearance

The appearance of the face is an important consideration in the design and makeover of the smile. There are dental procedures that are designed to improve the facial features and tissues for a more harmonious look. For example, a poorly shaped jaw or unsuitably positioned teeth can affect the way the lips and cheeks look. Consequently, the smile will not be great. Cosmetic dentists use orthodontic procedures or oral maxillofacial surgery to enhance both the smile and the face.


Smile design is an essential process in cosmetic dentistry. This approach of esthetic improvement is designed to achieve optimal results by ensuring harmony between all the features that contribute to a beautiful smile. Dentists can accomplish more by evaluating and enhancing these elements in relation to each other as opposed to performing localized dental improvements. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of this systematic design approach to smile enhancement, consult your local dentistry practice.

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